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Membership in PSPP and participation in its programs gives one the opportunity to get to know other mental health professionals who are interested in psychoanalytic psychology.


PSPP is interested in promoting quality mental health services and in preserving confidential, psychoanalytic psychotherapy through efforts in the following areas:
  • Legislative -- PSPP's Professional Affairs Committee alerts members to mental health legislation that may affect psychoanalytic psychotherapy and tells members how they might impact that legislation.
  • Media -- PSPP members and the PSPP Public Relations Committee have been quoted in newspaper and magazine articles and have appeared on television and radio as part of efforts to inform the public about psychoanalytic psychology and how it must be preserved.
  • Opportunities for Empowerment -- PSPP is a member organization of the National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers, Inc., and supports the Coalition's mission. PSPP members provide consultation and support to individuals experiencing difficulties with managed care.


PSPP members enjoy discounted program registration fees to many unique and stimulating programs which provide Continuing Education opportunities for Psychologists and Social Workers. Past programs have included:
  • Judith Jordan, Ph.D., The Stone Center Model of Relational Therapy
  • Bryant Welch, J.D., Ph.D., and Peter Gumpert, Ph.D., The Death of Managed Care and Alternatives to Managed Care
  • Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Ph.D., The Anatomy of Prejudices
  • Drew Wester, Ph.D., The Scientific Status of Unconscious Processes
  • Daniel Stern, M.D., The Psychotherapeutic Nature of the Infant-Parent Relationship
  • Nancy McWilliams, Ph.D., author of Psychoanalytic Diagnosis and Psychoanalytic Case Formulation
  • Brett Kahr, Ph.D., Winnicott on the Couch: The Personal Origins of "Hate in the Countertransference"
  • Talks by noted Self Psychologists James Fosshage and Frank Lachmann
  • The Annual Sunday Brunch Series-Members may attend this program of original papers by other PSPP members presented in a comfortable setting. There is no registration fee for the Brunch Series and PSPP members can get up to 6 free CE credits by attending.


Published three times a year, the Newsletter keeps members abreast of information in the field of psychoanalytic psychology both locally and nationally.

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